Seminar Sophus Lie


The next session of the Seminar Sophus Lie will take place in Vienna on November 3 and 4, 2006

Seminar Sophus Lie is a joint Seminar of a group of German mathematicians interested in the theory of Lie groups and their wider horizon. It was founded around 1989-90 when, during the Volkskammer Government of the German Democratic Republic in 1989, open contacts between mathematicians in East- and Westgermany became a reality for the first time since 1961. Several mathematicians located at the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, the University of Erlangen, the University of Greifswald, and the University of Leipzig organized informally the Seminar with financial support by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and met for the first seminar session at the University of Leipzig in January 1991. The Seminar meets once a semester since that time. Later on groups at the University of Bielefeld, the Technical University of Clausthal, and the University of Agriculture in Wien (Vienna, Austria) joined the seminar. By now the scope has again widened. Meetings were held in
For three years, the seminar published proceedings in the format of a journal, called Seminar Sophus Lie, two issues per year. This series was converted into an international journal called Journal of Lie Theory in 1994. This journal is electronically available via its homepage at the European Mathematical Information System.
The editors of Journal of Lie Theory are

M. Cowling (Sydney),
J. Faraut (Paris),
S. Gindikin (New Brunswick),
J. Hilgert (Paderborn),
K.H. Hofmann (Darmstadt),
F. Knop (New Brunswick),
B. Kostant (Cambridge),
J. D. Lawson (Baton Rouge),
J. Ludwig (Metz),
G. A. Margulis (New Haven),
G. Mauceri (Genova),
M. Moskowitz (New York),
K.-H. Neeb (Erlangen),
G. I. Ol'shanskii (Moscow),
G. Olafsson (Baton Rouge),
P. J. Olver (Minneapolis),
B. Orsted (Odense),
D. Poguntke (Bielefeld),
W. A. F. Ruppert (Vienna),
H. Schlosser (Greifswald),
K. Schmüdgen (Leipzig),
K. Strambach (Erlangen),
A. Valette (Neuchatel),
E. B. Vinberg (Moscow),
E. Zelmanov (New Haven).

The complete addresses of all editors are listed here

Journal of Lie Theory is a journal for speedy publication of information in the following areas: Lie algebras, Lie groups, algebraic groups, and related types of topological groups such as locally compact and compact groups. Applications to representation theory, differential geometry, geometric control theory, theoretical physics, quantum groups are considered as well. The principal subject matter areas according to the Mathematics Subject Classification are 14Lxx, 17Bxx, 22Bxx, 22Cxx, 22Dxx, 22Exx, 53Cxx, 81Rxx.

Journal of Lie Theory primarily publishes research articles. Survey articles on a topical area inside the scope of the journal are considered.

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